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Welcome To Moonacre

We are here to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, we have put a lot of love into our site and we hope you love it as much as we do, if you need anything don't hesitate to drop us a message on Airbnb or by message. We live on site so you can always visit.

Thanks Dominic, Rachel & Leo

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Monty The Motorhome

- A torch - The woodland is a magical site at night, we recommend taking a stroll down the path for a walk onto the platform

- Insect repellent 

- Wood for the fire - We do not stock this on site, however there is a local shop close by Vines farm shop that sell wood. 

- Disposable BBQ - This is much easier as opposed to coal, we have a bin that is purposely in place for disposable BBQ trays these are then recycled, please make sure they’re cool before disposing of. 

- We don’t have the best Wifi on site, its worth downloading content before your travels. All four major networks work on site. 

- Blankets - A great accessory to keep warm. There is a modern electric radiators in Jabba which heats up the place nicely however home comforts are always a great addition. 

- Bedding - We do not provide pillows or duvet.

- Wifi 'Guest' is password free and is also not always very good


- Check In 14:00, Checkout 11:00

- Toilet Code is 6785Z, you are also a short walk from group camping toilets and shower which is open from April - September. 



How you can help us keep us carbon neutral

Bringing your own washing up towels and sponges, we wasted thousands of sponges last year which end up in landfill. If you need some we have some on site.

Please help us reduce our energy usage and please turn off the heating when leaving Jabba or when your enjoying the decking with the door open.

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It’s time to say goodbye!


Firstly thank you for staying with us, we both really hope you enjoyed your stay with us. We have made this short list which helps us a great deal.

  • Please ensure all heating is OFF, simply press the power button once. (This save us a lot on electric)

  • Please ensure windows are shut during colder/wet days, you can leave open on dry days to help air out that morning fry up!

  • Please take rubbish to the bins on site, recycle where possible.

  • We expect the accommodations to be clean we do not charge any cleaning fee.

  • You can leave plates/cups drying but we do not expect to be washing up dishes. 

  • Have a safe journey home, please ensure you leave by 11:00AM.


Leaving us a review


Upon leaving us a review please consider that Airbnb now considered 4* a bad  review and will impact our hosting status, we want you to leave an honest and open review but if there is anything we can do during your stay to improve your stay please do let us know. 




If we could help it we wouldn’t be on Airbnb.

Airbnb fee’s, £100.00 night stay, will include a £20 service fee , Airbnb will then charge us on average 7% on top of this (£7.00). £100.00 soon becomes £73 if you wish to stay with us in the future please do get in touch with us directly for a discounted price. 


Please note we do not offer 1st time bookings directly

Thanks Dominic, Rachel and Leo 🐾

Heating Instructions

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Making The 2nd Bed 

- The table lifts off the central pole (two person lift)

- Table pole can be placed under the bed area when not in use.

- Table drops into place

- Under the seat bench on the kitchen side is some decking boards which can supplement the table to create a stronger bed.

(We generally don't recommend doing this if there is only 3 guests as the black foam in the living space is the length of a bed and is sufficient/comfy for sleeping on :)!)

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